May, 2024

House MD Season 1

Almost the 10th time watching this show; and everytime it's always intruiging from the start. The show features Gregory House who is the head of a Diagnostic Medicine Department in Princeton Plainsbro Hospital and his team of 3 doctors, foreman looks smarter than the rest while cameron is more empathetic and Dr. Chase is a bit hard to figure out at first.

I love the color grading, the pilot features a black and white color grade which shows a dark overlay across the entire pilot, the lead character of the show is hugh laurie and his other friends who we are introduced to as wilson also acts as one of the leads despite his on and off appearence. From the go, clearly house is a misanthrop who hates everything and everyone, he dismisses the opinions of his team even though he seems to listen at first.

House is a mirror of sherlock holmes, the use of drugs, hookers and constant deductions of people's characters. The patient is a kindergarten techer, and one of the first things the team groteskly did was cut into her throte which may not be the best opening just after a mere 10 minutes into the show.

This patient's interaction with house towards the end, reveals the history of house' Limp, he apparently had an infarction in his right leg, particularly the thigh muscle which led to cell and eventual death. This caused him a great deal of endless pain, however his patient insists on death as a means to an end due to the pain and humiliating situation she's in and hosue replies; 'they is never dignity in death, its always ugly, sometimes our bodies break down when we are young sometimes when we are old, but it's always ugly, always! You can live with dignity but no die with it'

An intruiging part is when Cameron confronts house of why he hired her; clearly house being a rational person would have a rational reson, however hosue states that he purely chose her since she looked could and not because of her intellect, she seems offended but house immediately deduces that someone that pretty doesnt go to medical school 'You could have just shown up and people would have given you stuff' - he concludes that she must be somehow damaged. - This part always gets me.

At the end house has to make up for clinic hours after a disagreement with Lisa who is the head of the hospital. One good thing about the show is their choice of tracks, the closing one in the pilot talks about - 'You cant always get what you want'.