March, 2024




Edward snowden recently pointed the above image out on a tweet, anyone who has contributed on open source before will definitely relate to the image. Most major companies around the world run their corporate systems on Linux based machines which in turn run softwares whose dependecies are open sourced in one way or another. The thing here however is the almost complete inability of any of the major corporations to compensate oss developers; 'this has never happened at all by the way". The Linux OS is a great example of this, linus himself recently stated that OSS solves the worlds most major problems using computing this was just after adopting rust into the kernel of the Linux OS, the rust language itself also started as an open source side project which got quickly adobted by mozilla in the recent years.

The creator of GNU, made it clear that propreitary software is an injustice therefore the idea of having software that is open source - which in essence is free is to have freedom and control over computing itself. This means that even though some software are copyright protected under different laws which prohibit distribution and use without permission of owner; control has however been taken away from the users.

At any given instance, major websites run on very expensive cloud servers which host files that are created using an open source programming language and libraries on top which stereotipically most people have in their minds that a hoodied person in a dark room maintains and for the most part its the sad truth but the entire reason anyone would really do something is if they could which they subsequently do and clearly software that is open source is usually well maintained and more secure (for the most part) since there is a large number of developers in the community that maintain it every day.