November, 2021


Php has come a long way since it's inception back in 1994 when Lerdof was creating a script to complete his assignment to late 2015 when PHP 7.0 emerged. The hypertext Preprocessor Language is still relevant today with at least half of the websites online running on PHP.

However among many developers, PHP is not that liked and only preferred by a few. What is even more strange is that every year there are cleaims that PHP is going to 'die' or is already dead. As circumstances would have it, i would use PHP for more than half a decade on websites mostly and custom CMS', it's only after using it for this while that i realized that the language is only as good as it's developer,

functions can be written in one of a hundred ways and most haters brand it a ''bad ' language because they stumbled upon jumbled up code by a non experienced or just amateur programmer.

The language itseld is still very relevant and is useful in so many different scenarios and depending on when you are reading this, PHP 8.0 or even PHP 9.0 will have emerged with more stable typing disciline and a stronger codebase.

The REST APIS, dynamic websites, and websites from different frameworks like zend and codeigniter are really easy to implement. When making a connection to a database in PHP, there is of course tonnes of ways to do this and it's therefore not hard to see why its easy to write bad and unsecure code.

However, with prepared statements, inter-module dependability and an open mind one can create secure and web apps with super clean and maintainable PHP code. 

So overalll, PHP depends on the developer and his or her code,  a more secure, abstract, simple and well-structured code mostly comes with quality and increased security, while jumbled up, messy approach, screams incompetencelow quality and insecure code and its one of the main reasons some devs think PHP is dead or is goin to die but the truth is, 

it is still relevant and dpends on your experience, skills and methods